Unlike commercial sailing clubs, Wind ´n Sea Sailing Club is not for profit group. Basically we are a group of individuals who want to sail, and sail safely, with the least possible expense.

We do this in several ways:

A person joining the club does so at the level of a "landsman". After completing a basic training program to introduce them to sailing, sail boats and boating they become midshipmen. Depending upon a member's interest they may stay at this level or the may chose to become a mate in the club. Mates, in turn, can take the training and testing required to become a skipper for the club. Every club sail requires one of our trained skippers on board in charge of the boat.

By now you're probably wondering how much? Well not that much. Our basic initiation fee is $160 and currently our dues are $75 per month. What does that get you? Each member can sign up for any of our weekend day sails at the club's monthly meeting. We guarantee that you will get one sail a month (depending on weather) but the best part is that you can also sign up for any other sail that is on our monthly calendar where there is room... and there usually is room. And there is no further charge. Go out once a month, go out 3 or 4: the fee is just your monthly dues.

The club also sponsors weekend sailing events throughout the year. There are extra costs for these to cover the slip costs when we dock away from our home port (which is currently Marina Bay in Richmond) as well as the costs of food, the preparation of which is shared.

In addition to sailing we also sponsor an active social program. Some events are associated directly with sailing but others are not. We have an annual crab feed, progressive dinner, and other similar activities.

We are located in the Martinez, Concord, Walnut Creek and San Ramon Valley area. This is in California folks, if you aren't local to this general area you are on the wrong page! The club has a monthly membership meeting as well as our training classes taught by both our mates and skippers.

Sound good? It is. Click on the "tell me more" link to obtain information on how to contact our membership chairperson to ask any questions and to receive a membership application.

Don't delay, every day you wait is one less day to sail!

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